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Areas of specialisation

Here are some of the topics that can bring you to me:

  • depression

  • anxiety, phobias, panic attacks

  • stress

  • difficulties in personal relationships (or in establishing them)

  • interpersonal conflicts at home or at work

  • complicated relationships with food (overeating, bulimia, anorexia, etc.)

  • low self-esteem

  • emotional regulation issues

  • traumatic events in childhood/ later in life

  • going through a difficult transition or crisis 

  • general feeling of dissatisfaction with your life

  • physical symptoms: pain, or frequent illnesses that find no medical explanation

  • desire to get to know yourself better, find potential and achieve balance 

Approach to therapy 

I offer therapy in both short- and longterm formate, depending on the case. In my work I combine findings from different therapeutic schools to tailor the treatment towards your specific needs and fully employ the transformative potential of therapy. 

What I find working best is a complex approach, combining depth psychology with concrete strategies from CBT and development of mindfulness.

Jungian psychotherapist in Copenhagen

Depth psychology

Depth psychology acknowledges the unconscious mind and helps you get in touch with parts of yourself that you might not be fully aware of. It is a self-discovery quest that lets you gain insight into the unconscious conditioning of your behaviour, emotional reactions and life choices. Getting to know all the parts of you and inviting them to the table is a liberating and empowering process. Fully becoming oneself brings strength, mental resilience and ability to build deep, meaningful relationships with yourself and others. 

CBT psychologist in Copenhagen

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

CBT is one of the most researched methods in psychotherapy that provides you with a set of comprehensive tools and strategies to use in your everyday life. While depth psychology helps you gain insight into yourself, CBT takes you from insight to practice. Any new understanding of your situation that you reach during the sessions has to be implemented in your life to create a sustainable change. CBT techniques include learning and trying out new behavioural and cognitive strategies.

Mindfulness training in Copenhagen


Development of awareness is a key element in achieving real-life change. To be aware of yourself moment after moment is to create a space where your overwhelming emotions, thoughts running in a circle and automatic reactions loosen their grip. You are just observing: without letting them control you and without having to push them away. Learning how to create the space of awareness through short, manageable exercises and guided meditations, you are allowing for positive change in your life to finally happen.

First session: what to expect  

Some people have a clear idea of ​​what they want to get out of therapy, others just feel like they need help to figure some things out, but cannot formulate a specific request. It's ok to come to the first session not having a clear understanding of what is it that you want to achieve. My job is to help you reach that understanding. 

First session is dedicated to clarifying exactly what your needs are and what kind of therapy might work best for you. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have for me. First session does not oblige you to start therapy - it's a trial.

If by the end of it you feel comfortable in my presence and we reach a common understanding of your issues and goals - then therapy can start.  


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